Before there was Jensen and Jared….

There was the Walker “Brothers“.

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For the record….

I know I’ve been away too long, but still. Forgive me.

I think the Sam vs Dean, Jensen vs Jared wank is the most ridiculous waste of time ever. They are all fucking awesome in my book. 

The current Supernatural writers on the other hand should all have their pens and pencils taken away and their laptops put in a microwave. Go sit in a corner for messing up a good show with your lack of research and follow through.


I’ve decided the fishbowl is where they put their plot ideas,

or fortunes from their fortune cookies, which are probably better than their writing and possibly inspiration as well. 

Or maybe they make their decisions by magic eight ball.


The writers couldn’t do much worse that way.


I hope we have some different writers next season and better scripts.


Okay I think I’m done ranting now.

I’m done interrupting your scheduled pictures of pretty.


It’s the Jpocalypse! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

I’m off the fucking grid for a while and it’s anarchy, as usual! Glad to see nothing has changed.

Late breaking news….

J2 aren’t gay cuz dey gots da kids and I missed Pinkwood’s Bday!

Yeah, I know…..

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Pant’s or no pants….

I love to watch you strut!

Bow to the Leggity Goodness. UNF!

That face! I wouldn’t want to be the one to REALLY piss Jensen off.

Ooooh somebody looks like their not in the mood….

Can you blame him? If I had to deal with knowing that everyone time I went outside my home someone at any time would want to snap my picture!

Fuck would there be a throw down!

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Supernatural 8.4 Deadman’s Blood or “The Day Wincest Rode Back To Town”.


You don’t say?

I do say!





Just pointing out the obvious as I am want to do every now and again.



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Jared loves those cheerleaders and men in uniform!


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Season 8, Episode 2: I think Supernatural needs a new name!

Feel free to put in your votes!

SD and the Twink?

21 Jumptwink?

2 Broke Guys and a twink?

All American boys vs The All American Twink?

Twinks in the Family

You got your Twink in my Wincest! You got your Wincest in my Twink?


Can’t believe your eyes?!

Buckle Up Buttercup!

So for now we are going to ignore Episode 1, I’m still not ready to comment!

We’ll come back to that later.

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We all know Season 8 – Supernatural- Enuff Said.

Best left to our imaginations….but will it measure up?

It’s not Charlie’s Bday, it’s the day we celebrate that she was delivered to earth by Gay Aliens!

Daddies is that you?


You’re old enough to know you are adopted my sweet and you lost your memory in the crash.

(Jesus I hope you weren’t really adopted cuz this post might not be so funny then)

Here are pics that were found in the wreck.

Little Charlie’s anatomically correct dollies.

Alien cartoons, does the humor translate?

One of little Charlie’s drawings.

Charlie’s aunt’s! They say HELLO!

So do Charlie’s Uncles!

It’s a tough choice! ;-P

But we must have tasty treats for our celebration!

funny demotivational posters 22 Funny Demotivational Posters Pictures Seen on


Morphing Some of My Favorite Things Together….Stephen Colbert, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki!

Formula 401

Seeds of Discontent

Harvested from my grapes of wrath

It is the same white male starter kit you know and love

but in a limited batch

specially produced while I was very jealous angry

watching gay porn




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